Maico Akiba’s Small Worlds.

Japanese artist Maico Akiba painstakingly creates small worlds or “SEKAI" on the backs of found toys that are exotic and extinct creatures.  The what-if basis of the works here is certainly an alluring one, I can recall myself as a child day-dreaming these exact scenarios.  Take a look at more below!

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DESIGN: The Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

The Zuta Labs’ pocket printer has apparently made mobile printing a dream come true.

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Eddie Van Halen 35th Anniversary Packaging | Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc | The Dieline

Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. was challenged to design packaging for a series of 3 guitar effect pedals marking the 35th anniversary of the release of Van Halen’s debut album. The pedals themselves are hand-painted in 3 different colorways, and are all unified by the iconic Eddie Van Halen (EVH) “Frankenstein” stripe pattern, used extensively on his custom guitars since the late ’70s.

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turnoverchange: Timothy Everest + Brooks John Boultbee Criterion cycling jacket.

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